Joggit Memory
Mobile Waza is proud to introduce Joggit Memory. Joggit Memory provides a challenging and fun way to stimulate your brain with a unique memory recall experience in every session you play. Once you start playing, it is hard to stop. It’s best to use this app frequently to exercise your brain like gym equipment is used to exercise your body. At home or on the go, Joggit Memory is a perfect complement to reading, word search and crossword puzzles.


Mobile Waza is on a mission; the art of mobile. Our strategy is to develop mobile apps designed to touch our lives. Mobile Waza is where the world of mobile and technique come together.

We are excited about the release of Joggit Memory as our first app and enthusiastic to introduce more apps in the future. We have apps in design that are unique and for everyone in the world. There is a common thread that connects us all. Our apps promise to touch your heart and mind.


Our vision for the Joggit Memory app is to promote Alzheimer's disease awareness and encourage brain health by staying mentally active. Mentally stimulating activities strengthen brain cells and the connections between them, and may even create new nerve cells. Joggit Memory is a challenging and fun way to stimulate your brain.